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Volume 4|Issue 7 December 7, 2018

Supply Shortage Stunting Retailer Revenues

Calgary Harald  // 12.6.18

Supply shortages have stunted the revenue of some Canadian cannabis retailers like National Access Cannabis’ New Leaf, whose 18 retail locations only generated $3.95M in sales. When the moratorium on new cannabis licenses is lifted, National Access Cannabis hopes to open 75 stores across Alberta.

The Morning Blunt

Volume 4|Issue 6 December 6, 2018

Canadian News

Cannabis License Approval Process Could Prolong Shortage

Canadian Lawyer Mag  // 12.4.18 According to industry insiders and legal advisors to the sector, the cannabis shortage in Canada could be stabilized by early 2019, however the shortage could quickly be replaced by an oversupply of product in the market. This will inevitably lead to a drop in the price of cannabis and consolidation in the industry.

CAQ to Raise Legal Age to Buy Cannabis to 21

CBC  // 12.5.18 The coalition Avenir Quebec introduced a bill to raise the legal age to purchase cannabis to 21, the highest legal age in Canada. Other provinces have set the age requirement to 18 or 19. The amendments require a vote in the National Assembly which will happen after the holidays. Critics of the bill argue that raising the legal age will only reinforce the black market.

Newly Licensed Edmonton Cannabis Producer Says No to Recreational Market 

The Star // 12.4.18  Atlas Growers Ltd. announced their plans to remain in the medical marijuana market rather than switch over to recreational cannabis sales in Edmonton, CA. Their CEO stated that the company has no intention of breaking promises they have made to their clientele of people who rely on the products they offer for medicinal benefits. The company also suspects that once the demand for recreational cannabis has evened out, following the recent legalization, their company will stand apart as one of the remaining businesses still dedicated to medical marijuana.  

Cannabis Supply and Demand – Initial Report for October 2018 

Government of Canada   Health Canada’s Cannabis Act allows for the tracking of all cannabis products moving throughout the country and the data collected will be published biweekly via a “cannabis stats hub” beginning January 25th.

The Morning Blunt

Volume 4|Issue 5 December 5, 2018

Canadian News

Atlas Growers™ Receives License for B2B Sale of Genetics and Cannabis Products 

Atlas Growers // 12.3.18  Following a year of research, Atlas Growers, Alberta Canada, has expanded their Producer’s license to include business to business (B2B) sales of fresh and dried cannabis flower, cannabis seeds, live plants and cannabis extracts. In the upcoming weeks, Atlas plans to fill their 38,000 square foot facility and lab with over 450 cultivars of unique genetics. In the next year, the company hopes to expand operations to their 160-acre site, where their pending development permit would allow them to build a 1,000,000 square foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta.  

CannTrust’s Pelham marijuana tops Canadian Cannabis Awards 

Niagra Falls Review // 12.4.18  The Lift&Co 2018 Canadian Cannabis Awards wrapped up Thursday and CannTrust won first place as the top producer, as well as taking home awards for the best high-CBD oil, balanced oil, sativa flower, hybrid flower and high-CBD flower.  

MediPharm Labs Wins Canadian Cannabis Start-Up of the Year 

New Cannabis Venture // 12.4.18  Lift&Co named Toronto based MediPharm as the Top Cannabis Start-Up of the Year last week at the Canadian Cannabis Awards. MediPharm stands out in the Canadian market as the first and only company that focuses solely on the production and sale of extracted cannabis oil. Their narrow focus allows them to develop expertise and knowledge that they plan to capitalize on in the future. 

Largest Canadian Cannabis Grower Calls for Focus on Quality and Professionalizing of Industry 

Greenhouse Grower // 12.4.18  At MJBizCon last month, CEO of Sundial Growers, Torsten Kuenzlen spoke about how the quantity driven cannabis industry needs to take a step back to focus on quality. Kuenzlen says the key to longevity as a company in the rapidly growing industry is to look to the beer and wine industry as a model for success. Sundial Growers aims to provide an industry standard of professionalism and product quality to ensure a profitable industry in the future.  

Pot is So Hot in Canada that Firms are Importing Workers 

BNN Bloomberg // 12.2.18  Following a $1M loss due to unskilled staffing in their garden, Aphria Inc., Ontario, turned to the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program which allowed 50 temporary employees to come from Guatemala and the Caribbean to work in the company’s facility.  Aphria Inc. plans to bring up to 100 more employees to Ontario to help fill growing demand for workers in the cannabis industry. 

Medical Cannabis Research Turns to Seniors in Long Term Care Facilities 

GFarma News // 12.3.18  A rising number of Canadian Seniors have been experimenting with Medical Cannabis to treat a wide range of ailments. The Ontario Long Term Care Association is starting a six-month pilot program with 500 seniors in a number of different nursing facilities. Specialists in Cannabinoid therapy for seniors are tracking pain, anxiety and sleep changes based on medicinal cannabis use. 

The Morning Blunt

Volume 4|Issue 3 December 3, 2018

Canadian News

Lift & co. Announces Winners of 5th Annual Canadian Cannabis Awards

Lift & Co. announced the winners of the fifth-annual Canadian Cannabis Awards. After more than 17K public votes, the top three cannabis flower products of 2018 are OG Kush by CannTrust, Blueberry Kush by CannTrust, and Bakerstreet by Tweed. 7Acres won Brand of the Year and CannTrust won Licensed Producer of the Year.

Supply Constraints Could Limit Cannabis Stores For 18 Months

Last week Alberta Gaming, Liquor, & Cannabis announced a moratorium on new cannabis store licenses. No further licenses will be issued until supply has stabilized. Due to shortages, the AGLC vowed to equally distribute cannabis to the 65 already operational stores.

Demand for Micro-Batch Growers Takes Off 

Namaste’s wholly-owned subsidiary, CannMart sells craft, small-batch cannabis produced by micro cultivators across BC. Craft Cannabis Association of BC is a non-profit organization based in Nelson BC. It aims to help small cannabis cultivators navigate regulations and distribution deals.

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Volume 3|Issue 30 November 30, 2018

Canadian News

Is Quebec Advertising Weed?

Quebec’s health department is looking into if the province is breaking its own law by advertising marijuana as “calming and relaxing” in a video visible from the sidewalk from its SQDC stores. The video in question plays on display screens in the lobbies of two the SQDC stores.

The Morning Blunt

Volume 3|Issue 29 November 29, 2018

Canadian News

Winnipeg Taxpayers Bear the Financial Burden of Legalization

Winnipeg’s Mayor Brian Bowman announced that the burden is on the taxpayers for the costs associated with Canada’s cannabis legalization. Currently Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister refuses to release the funds from the cannabis excise tax, arguing that the funds would be better spent on provincial debt.

Cannabis Professionals Are Leaving the Black Market for the Legal Industry

Cannabis industry professionals, keen to play by the rules, are making the transition from grey and black markets into the legal cannabis sector. As the Canadian government cracks down on the black market, more cannabis industry leaders from the prohibition era are deciding to play by the rules in order to stay relevant in the cannabis industry.

Home Grown Connect Could Help Growers Access Seeds & Plants

Despite Canada’s legalization to grow cannabis, Kaleigh Miller, a spokesperson for the Alberta Gamining, Liquor, and Cannabis Commission announced there is no place in the country for consumers to legally buy seeds. Frustrated cannabis consumers have resorted to trading and gifting seeds and plants on a website called Home Grown Connect.

Pot Smoking Canadian Manufacturing Workers Could Risk Termination

The chairman of the Canadian Association of Mold Makers, Johnathon Azzopardi, wants to institute a zero-tolerance policy for cannabis use in Canada’s manufacturing trade. For now, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has released a set of guidelines for dealing with cannabis in the workplace.

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Volume 3|Issue 28 November 28, 2018

Canadian News

Organigram Signs Supply Agreement with Saskatchewan

Now the official supplier for the province, Organigram Holdings Inc. (TSXV: OGI) (OTCQX: OGRMF) announced that it has completed the registration process with the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Namaste Technologies Completes Strategic Investment in Kief Cannabis

Namaste Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: NXTTF) signed a subscription agreement with Manitoba’s Kief Cannabis Company Ltd. Namaste completed a $250K investment to acquire 46,729 Class B common shares.

New Cannabis Regulations Provide Guidance For Ontario Retail Cannabis Stores

November 16, 2018 the Ontario government established regulation under the Cannabis License Act 2018. The Act and regulation set policies for the province’s private retail recreational cannabis store system that will come into effect on April 1, 2019.

Cannabis & Your Insurance

Since cannabis was legalized in October, many questions have been raised about how consuming or growing marijuana could impact your insurance coverage. For example, insurance companies can cover paraphernalia and legally grown cannabis plants. Be aware breaking local cannabis laws can result in a loss of coverage, denied insurance claims, or increased premiums. Take a look at the other ways cannabis can impact your insurance.

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Volume 3|Issue 27 November 27, 2018

Canadian News

Cannabis in the Workplace

While many are concerned about cannabis impairment in the workplace, navigating policies and facts could be murky. Safety sensitive companies want to know how long marijuana impairment lasts. While companies form policies around smoking and vaping, other subtler delivery systems have been developed such as edibles and topicals. A recent Dalhousie University survey found 45% of Canadians want to try edibles.

Parksville BC to Allow Public Cannabis Consumption

Parksville British Columbia’s newly elected municipal council recently decided to allow public consumption of cannabis. The new council’s decision to allow public smoking was in contrast with the last council who aimed to impose what would have been the province’s toughest cannabis-consumption rules.

Pot Retailers Watch 24/7 to Scoop Up Weed

Canada’s largest private cannabis retailer National Access Cannabis Corp. has a team of five people watching round the clock for new inventory to appear from Alberta’s provincial regulator which controls wholesale cannabis distribution.

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Volume 3|Issue 26 November 26, 2018

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

–Peter Drucker

Canadian News

RedeCan Issues Cannabis Recall at Ontario Cannabis Store Over Reports of Mold & Insects Ontario cannabis producer RedeCan Pharm is voluntarily recalling over 7,400 3.5-gram bottles of Redecan’s “BEC” strain, amounting to over 900 ounces of product recalled from the Ontario Cannabis Store after receiving customer complaints about mold and bugs found in their products. Indiva & Ruby Edibles to Manufacture Cannabis-Infused Sugar & Salt In the next year Health Canada will begin regulating the sale of edible cannabis products and concentrates, incentivizing companies to develop new consumables over the coming months. CEO of Indiva (OTCMKTS: NDVAF), Niel Marotta, a cannabis grower in London Ont., established a licensing agreement with Ruby Edibles to manufacture cannabis infused sugar and salt. New UBC Professor to Research Cannabis as Potential Treatment for Opioid Addiction In a $3M professorship, M. J. Milloy was named the inaugural Canopy Growth Professor of Cannabis Science at the University of British Columbia. Canopy Growth offered funding up to $2.5M while the BC government funded the additional $500K. The position will carry the branding of Canopy Growth however Milloy will remain at arms-length and independent from the company, according to officials at the university. Milloy’s focus will be conducting research on cannabis’ potential to treat substance abuse, especially opioid addiction. Lifetime US Entry Bans on the Rise After MJ BizCon A Canadian cannabis investor traveling to the Las Vegas for the MJ BizCon and to tour a cannabis facility received a lifetime entry ban to the US after disclosing his plans to US Customs and Boarder officials. At least 12 other Canadians en route to the same conference were detained for hours Manitoba Cannabis Retailers Receive 6% Tax for Social Costs Associated with Legalization Manitoba’s legal cannabis retailers will now pay a 6% levy to assist the province with the social costs of legalization including public education, safety, health, and addiction. The province announced last Thursday it will begin collecting the social responsibility fee in January

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Volume 3| Issue 16 November 16, 2018

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

–Will Rogers

Canadian News

Canada’s Legal Weed Shortages Could Continue Until 2020

Cannabis industry experts are blaming strict regulations for nationwide supply shortages plaguing dispensaries following Canada’s legalization. Supply shortages are expected to be seen into parts of 2020. Shortages have some retailers looking to the black market for assistance in the interim.