New Developments

Editor’s Note:


We are happy to announce a new way to navigate our website. For your convenience we’ve added new pages for Stock Market News, Global News, US News, Canadian News, and Science. These pages will be updated daily.

The Morning Blunt will still display a daily news roundup in entirety on our front page, however, we understand your need to access information in an organized and succinct fashion. By adding these additional pages, we hope to make delivering information to our readers more simplistic and our website more navigable.

The Morning Blunt also intends to release a Sunday news roundup focusing on the week in review. We realize making time to read the news each day can be difficult. Our new Sunday addition will keep our readers up-to-date on major developments in the cannabis industry.

In the coming months we will be establishing our brand, expanding our team, and we will begin generating full length articles, videos, editorials, and business journals. Please be patient with us as our website evolves with these developments. Any new feature we add to the website will be announced via newsletter. Our goal is to create an up-to-date cannabis news portal where readers can digest all pertinent industry specific information in a timely manner.

We would like to thank our contributors, partners, and above all, our readers for your continued support. We are inspired by our readers and for that, we are dedicated to providing only the highest quality news. We look forward to growing with you and the industry for years to come.