A Note Of Gratitude to Our Readers

Fall Happy

You Make Us Possible…

To celebrate this holiday week we would like to extend our deepest thanks to our readers and subscribers.

Your continued support encourages our commitment to curating a sophisticated cannabis roundup dedicated to business developments, global finance markets, scientific advancements, and political atmosphere.

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In the coming months we look forward to expanding our team. This will allow for The Morning Blunt to generate more meaningful content for our readers by contributing daily articles, editorials, videos, and business journals.

In addition to expanding our team, we will be updating the format of our site to improve our reader’s experience. We believe that the user experience should feel engaging and educational. Don’t be shy, reach out if you would like to see changes or something included in The Morning Blunt.

Thank you for supporting The Morning Blunt, we look forward to continuing to grow and serve the cannabis community.

We will recommence our daily aggregation on Monday, November 26, 2018.