Midterms Could Mean Pot Stock Boom, GGB Raises $140M Ahead of CSE Listing, & UK’s Medical Marijuana Laws Too Strict

The Morning Blunt

Volume 3| Issue 6
November 6, 2018

Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose

–Frank Tyger


Stock Market

Bloomberg Predicts Pot Stocks to Rise if Dems Take House

Bloomberg’s Felice Maranz reports that polls indicate the democrats will take the House, which is likely to cause a spike in pot stocks. Check out what other sectors investors expect midterms to affect.

Green Growth Brands Raises $140M Ahead of CSE Listing

Green Growth Brands adds another private placement investment of approximately CA$30.5M bringing their total raise to over CA$140M. This news precedes the company’s listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker “GGB.”

The Green Organic Dutchman & Auxly on Fire!

The Green Organic Dutchman was up nearly 35% by the close of Monday, announcing that the company will launch a spin-off company in the pursuit of international opportunities. Auxly Cannabis Group jumped almost 10% after announcing its acquisition on Inverell SA a federally licensed cannabis operator in Uruguay.

Here’s Why MariMed Jumped 18.9% in October

MariMed jumped 18.9% at the end of October, however this skyrocketing stock comes with a lot of risk. The company is one of the only pure-play cannabis stocks that has positive cash flow from an operational standpoint, however it will need to raise additional funds to cover its balance sheet, which can be difficult in the US due to banking limitations.

Aurora Invests $20M in Choom Holdings

Aurora Cannabis announced a non-brokered private placement of a convertible debenture in the principal amount of $20M in Choom Holdings Inc, a cannabis firm with one of the largest retail networks in Canada. The offering is convertible into common shares of Choom at $1.25 with a four-year maturation date. Aurora has also secured the right to purchase 40% of the company at $2.75 per common share.

Organigram Announces Supply Agreement with BC Liquor Distribution Branch

Organigram Holdings Inc. announced a supply agreement with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, making its way into eight out of ten Canadian provinces. The number of supply agreements Organigram has secured puts the company on par with firms like Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis.

India Globalization Capital (OTCMKTS: IGCC) Announces Cannabis Energy Drink

Recently delisted from the NYSE, India Globalization Capital Inc. opted to begin trading on the OTC market earlier this week under the ticker ‘IGCC.’ According to Insider Financial’s Jim Bloom, IGCC is working with a manufacturer in Malaysia Hyalolex to develop a cannabis infused energy drink to bring to market.

Canopy Growth Vs. Canopy Rivers

The Motley Fool’s Keith Speights analyzes and compares cannabis firms Canopy Rivers and Canopy Growth, exploring the possibility that a venture spin-off could outperform its parent company, however that is not the case of Canopy Rivers at this juncture.

Why Cannabis Stocks Tumbled in October

Motley Fool’s Sean Williams reports why some cannabis stocks did worse than others in October despite Canada’s legalization. Cultivators were hit hard in the market tumble, indicating investors want to see tangible sales and profit growth. To that end, cannabis firms with no production experienced sharp corrections.

Global News

UK’s Medical Cannabis Laws Too Restrictive

Last Thursday medical cannabis became legal in the UK, however prescription guidelines implemented by the NHS are highly restrictive, denying medical cannabis to chronic pain patients like those with MS. Take a look at the defunct medical cannabis law and how patients hope to see it changed.

Radient Technologies Announcements

Radient Technologies Inc. announced Christian Aigner as the company’s Managing Director of Radient’s German processing facility. The company also announced a new facility in Edmonton, Germany, and a licensing update.

US News

Midterms & Cannabis Measures

Five states will vote on cannabis initiatives today. Michigan and North Dakota are voting on adult recreational cannabis use, while Missouri, Utah, and Ohio are voting on medical marijuana measures. Races in Florida and Kentucky, viewed by some as cannabis referendums, could expand legalization.

Terra Tech Merges with Golden Leaf Holdings

Terra Tech Corp. and Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. are merging their combined 41 cannabis licenses and 21 pending licenses, focusing on cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, and retail across Oregon, California, Nevada, and multiple other jurisdictions around the US. The new business structure will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Terra Tech.

High Sobriety Using Cannabis to Fight Opioid Epidemic

High Sobriety is a Los Angeles based cannabis-inclusive addiction recovery environment. Treatment is tailored to the needs of the patient and includes medical cannabis to soothe pain and withdraw symptoms. High Sobriety uses cannabis as an exit-drug for patients addicted to opiates and promotes continuing education for physicians to familiarize themselves with cannabis. Dr. Sherry Yafai MD will be presenting her work for High Sobriety at UCLA at their annual conference.

KushCo Predicts Political Landscape for Cannabis

Forbes featured a piece by KushCo Holdings’ CEO Nick Kovacevich, who discusses how the political landscape for cannabis will look after elections. Kovacevich predicts that prohibition laws will relax, federal harassment will lessen, and with de-stigmatization will come social justice reform for those disproportionately impacted by prohibition.

Canadian News

Half of NB Cannabis Stores Were Closed Monday

Ten cannabis stores in New Brunswick were closed Monday due to supply shortages. Having only received 20-30% of the cannabis they had ordered, Cannabis NB, the province’s only cannabis retailer, apologized for the closures and reassured stores would open once supplies are delivered.


Fetal Cannabis Exposure in Rats Stunts Ability to Switch Strategies

According to a study presented at the Society for Neuroscience Conference, when presented with two levers rat offspring exposed to vaporized cannabis were able to complete the first task, but when the tasks changed the rats had difficulties switching strategies.

The Most Important Cannabis Studies of All Time

Going in chronological order, Leafly’s David Bienenstock published a curated timeline of all major cannabis studies. These top-level studies either advance our understanding of therapeutic properties, or thoroughly debunk misinformation.

Other News

Billionaire Launching ‘Miracle’ Products in Scotland

Backed by Snoop Dogg and Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace, Alki David, who runs a company that bottles and distributes Coca Cola in 28 countries, plans to sell “miracle” CBD products in his new cannabis store in Scotland.

Francis Ford Coppola Enters Cannabis

Film director Francis Ford Coppola made a deal with Humboldt Brothers, a Garberville CA cannabis cultivator, to produce three strains of cannabis for Coppola’s Grower’s Series, which will be available in select retail dispensaries in California and through Chill’s delivery service.

Branding Needs to Reflect Consumer Segments

Over 65 years of age is the largest growing consumer demographic for the cannabis industry emphasizing the importance of brand promotion and consumer segment recognition. Branding needs to and reflect customer needs and lifestyles and evolve with consumer segments as they grow and change.