The Canna-Bear Market, New Zealand’s Synthetic Cannabis Crisis, & It Would Take Two Canadas to Justify Valuations

The Morning Blunt

Volume 2| Issue 24
October 24, 2018

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.

–Truman Capote

Stock Market

Canna Bear Market

Top cannabis stocks fell more than 20% in five trading sessions. By way of measurement cannabis stocks could resemble bear market. Some of the largest declines were from the most favored stocks by speculators. Check out why analysts are warning investors in the cannabis sector.

Veritas: “It Would Take Two Canadas to Justify Valuations

According to Veritas analyst Stuart Rolfe offers his perspective after the recent cannabis declines, saying it would take two Canadas to justify valuations. Rolfe has a sell rating on four major Canadian cannabis firms.

Aurora Begins Trading on NYSE at Unfortunate Time for Cannabis Stocks

Aurora Cannabis entered the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday at a declining moment in cannabis stocks driven by a mass selloff. Aurora fell to 15% but recovered slightly settling at 12% at the end of the day. Pot stocks have been steadily falling for the last six trading sessions. Check out how other stocks fared on Tuesday.

Medical Vs. Recreational Markets

In the cannabis market there are two types of stocks to consider, recreational and medicinal. The shrinking medical market in conjunction with the growing recreational markets emphasizes the importance to know how to evaluate these markets carefully. While the medical industry will develop similarly to the pharmaceutical industry, recreational cannabis will resemble tobacco and alcohol industries.

Global News

New Zealand’s Synthetic Cannabis Crisis

New Zealand is facing a synthetic cannabis problem raking havoc across the country leaving 45 bodies in its wake. With enhanced potency from black market suppliers, neighborhoods are being consumed by the drug.

Ecuador Seeking Medical Cannabis

A committee in Ecuador approved a comprehensive health reform policy that has potential to lead to legal cannabis production for medical patients. The measure must face another round of scrutiny under full assembly before passing.

US News

Don’t Mess With Texas

Long story short: don’t mess with Texas. THC infused cannabis edibles are a much steeper charge than some may realize, in the category of heroin and crack cocaine, and those crossing the Texas border are under heavy scrutiny.

High Hampton to Acquire Mojave Jane

High Hampton, a California vertically integrated medical cannabis firm has just submitted a letter of intent to acquire licensed California cannabis manufacturing company Mojave Jane LLC.

MedMen Buys San Jose’s Buddy Cannabis

Holding licenses to 67 retail locations and 14 cultivation and production facilities, MedMen just acquired Victorya’s Medical Supplies aka Buddy Cannabis in San Jose California. The all cash deal is expected to close within 90 days however the amount will remain undisclosed.


Terpene Profiles & Their Characteristics

There is a growing dispute among researchers and cannabis entrepreneurs that cannabis terpene profiles may have medicinal effects we are unaware of. Here are a list of terpenes and what researchers have uncovered.

Plug and Play Environmental Control Systems

Urban-gro Inc presented its Soleil Environmental Control Systems in Anaheim at the 2018 California Cannabis Business Conference. This plug-and-play system monitors lighting, nutrient and water levels and environmental controls through a touchscreen pad.