AI Predicts Canna Decline, ICC Expanding in Greece, & Cannabis Cup Cancelled

The Morning Blunt 


Volume 2| Issue 11
October 11, 2018 


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
-Jim Rohn 

Stock Market 

AI Predicts Canna Stocks Could Be Near End 

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous discusses with new findings by Vantage Point president Lane Mendelsohn where artificial intelligence indicates that cannabis stocks bullish rise could be over soon.  

Pyxus Overvalued & Over Purchased 

Pyxus International, previously known as Alliance One, may look like an exciting new cannabis stock, but investors may want to stay away. Pyxus has gained 180% since February, but is likely overvalued and over bought. Like many cannabis firms, Pyxus is experiencing the “cannabis effect” where non-cannabis companies announce interest in the cannabis industry and as a result their share price skyrockets. 

Aurora’s Lackluster Performance 

Aurora Cannabis has taken an aggressive approach to M&As and their capital has soared to over $11B, but prices are still below their January high. Aurora shareholders have not benefitted from scaling due to dilution. Aurora needs to demonstrate that it can deploy capital responsibly by making accretive acquisitions in the future. 

Vivien Azer is Bullish on Key Canna Stocks 

Industry analyst Vivien Azer warns investors that though she is bullish on cannabis stocks, volatility will be the norm. While you should diversify your portfolio for better outcomes, key cannabis stocks may have potential to remain stable and strong for the time being. 

Global News 

ICC Expanding in Greece 

ICC International Cannabis Corporation announced that it received license from the Greek government for a 16-acre cannabis cultivation site. The facility would be used for production, manufacturing, and extraction for medical cannabis. 

US News 

Cannabis Cup Cancelled? 

High Times sponsored event Cannabis Cup has either been cancelled or postponed for Oct. 27-28 at Sacramento Cal Expo over permitting issued surrounding cannabis use on site. At this time, it is unclear if patrons will receive a refund. High Times no longer is promoting the event on their website.  

California’s License Kerfuffle  

California is in the process of establishing a stop-gap licensing program to avoid disruption of the cannabis industry. With temporary licenses due to expire the state must implement another provisional license program that will extend until Jan. 1, 2020.  

Developments in Utah & Mass. 

Check out this podcast where Kris Krane, Dan Goldman, and Kris Lotlikar discuss Utah’s developments as the state moves toward a ballot decision on medical cannabis. The podcast also explores developments in Massachusetts’ recreational legalization.  

California’s Delivery Drivers Targeted 

Busts are up for California illegal cannabis delivery drivers. San Diego and LA have begun cracking down on drivers skirting the law offering cannabis delivery without the proper licenses. More legal delivery services could be the answer, however the regulations for cannabis delivery are tighter than those governing police firearms. 

California’s Appellations 

Northern California’s weed has been legendarily potent but fraught with difficulties around regulations, testing, forest fires, and licensing which have burdened the producers. To make matters worse, logistically northern California is remote to its consumer base. In hopes of boosting and rebranding NorCal sales, appellations have been applied for that would essentially make NorCal weed the champagne of cannabis.  

Canada News 

Cannabis Impact Investing  

Canadian investors who have shied away from the cannabis industry due to its sin-stock nature should consider having cannabis stocks in your portfolio in hopes of shaping and forming the industry and how it operates.  

Cannabis Impact Investing  

BNN’s Amanda Lang discusses getting high on the job. Many supervisors in a recent study indicated that they would use cannabis while on the job and 10% believed that company policies would allow such behavior.  


Road to Research 

Medical cannabis research is finally turning a corner. In recent years cannabis was difficult to obtain and study, however with Canada’s legalization in patient studies with truly controlled variables will now be in demand. Standardized research will allow scientists to discover the effects of cannabinoids, explore treatment methods, and expand on the medicinal uses for cannabis.  

Estrogen Enhances Effects of Cannabis 

Researchers have found that estrogen enhances the effects of cannabis in the brain, making women more likely to benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabis and reap more sexual side effects than men. 

ADHD & Cannabis 

Check out this podcast demonstrating the link between ADHD and recreational cannabis use. It’s arguable that people with ADHD are attracted to cannabis use to manage their symptoms of anxiety, anger, confusion, and emotional regulation.