Aurora Cannabis Leads Stocks, Low Potency Cannabis Demand, & Legislators Draft Letter to Jeff Sessions

The Morning Blunt 


Volume 2| Issue 9
October 9, 2018 


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

–Steve Jobs

Stock Market 

Aurora Leading Cannabis Stocks   

Aurora led the way as cannabis stocks entered the trading week with momentum. Take a look at why Aurora is considered one of the strongest stocks in the market and how other stocks and ETFs are measuring up.  

Coors & HEXO Form Truss Co. To Create Cannabis Beverages 

Molson Coors Canada has formed a joint venture with Hydropothecary Corp. (HEXO) to create Truss, a company focused on nonalcoholic cannabis infused beverages for the Canadian market.   

Jim Cramer Discusses Canopy & Constellation   

Jim Cramer of The Street discusses several stocks including Ford and cannabis stocks narrowing in on Constellation Brands and Canopy Growth. 

Global News 

Vaping Technology is Dominating the Cannabis Industry 

The fastest growing segment of the cannabis industry surrounds the vaporizer. In fact, 60% of overall concentrate spending goes to prefilled cartridges. In Colorado the number reaches 86% while in California only 71%. As such an enormous amount of research is going into vape delivery systems. Take a look at some of the latest developments.  

Legalization Good for Employment Rates 

Cannabis legalization has been linked to a reduction in unemployment by providing industry specific jobs such as retail, production, extraction, distribution, and testing, but also boosts employment in ancillary support industries as well.  

ICC Begins Construction in Colombia  

ICC has begun construction on its Colombian Cannabis Centre of Excellence in Bogota. The Centre of Excellence will focus on enhance ICC’s ability to cultivate craft cannabis and to bring together top professionals in the industry to focus on revolutionary cannabis related projects and initiatives.    

US News 

Legislators Draft Letter to Jeff Sessions for Cannabis Research 

NorCal US Rep. Jared Huffman joined a bipartisan group of 12 legislators who drafted a letter to Jeff Sessions and congress seeking to allow cannabis produced in the US to be used in research studies. The letter was drafted in response to the announcement of Canadian cannabis importation for research.  

Can’t Mass. Medical Labs Test Recreational Cannabis? 

While licenses for cannabis businesses have finally been issued, business owners are unable to open their doors until recreational testing facilities are issued licenses, however medical labs are capable of filling the gap.  

CannaBOP Insurance For California Cannabis Producers 

The American Association of Insurance Services received approval for their CannaBOP policy in California. This limited policy protects the insured from disasters such as wildfires, and protects the insured throughout the state of California with the exception of federal lands and boundaries.   

NJ Passes Law Favoring Cannabis Patients 

A big win for New Jersey medical cannabis patients is hidden in the fine print of a recent bill. Patients who otherwise would not qualify for medical cannabis will now have the option to appeal that decision with the executive director of their health facility. 

Canada News 

Low Potency Cannabis Demand  

A report by Deloitte argues that lower potency cannabis might be a niche market. While many cannabis consumers enjoy getting high, many consumers may prefer to dabble in the experience and will prefer products that are mild and won’t interfere with their daily activities.  

Canadian Cannabis Awards 

Lift & Co.’s Canadian Cannabis Awards chose to honor these top four cannabis producers for 2018, Aurora Cannabis, WeedMD, Organigram Holdings, and MedReleaf Corp.