IGC A Sketchy Buy, Cannabis in Space, & LA’s Black Market Problem

The Morning Blunt 


Volume 2| Issue 8
October 8, 2018 


Learning never exhausts the mind” 
Leonardo Da Vinci 

Stock Market 

IGC A Sketchy Buy 

Market Watch reported India Globalization Capital has several red flags including research misconduct with the National Institutes of Health and a history of issues regarding the Securities Exchange Commission. Investors may be temporarily satisfied with the 1000% rise recently, however IGC is sketchy at best when it comes to infrastructure, honesty, and capabilities.  

Tilray Vs. Auxly 

The Motley Fool’s Keith Speights compares Tilray to Auxly Cannabis Group and discusses why Auxly is the better value. Auxly has infrastructure, a great business model, and acquisitions to make it a solid buy, not to mention it has flown under the radar giving it a more reasonable purchase price. 

Aurora to Trade on NYSE & Aleafia Will Trade on Nasdaq 

Aurora Cannabis announced that later this month it will be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Aleafia Health Inc announced that it will be listing on the Nasdaq.   

HALO Goes Public on NEO 

HALO Labs, an extraction and manufacturing company went public last week on the NEO Canadian stock exchange after the announcement of their planned expansion to California, Nevada, and internationally.  

Speights’ Cannabis Picks 

Keith Speights of The Motley Fool reports that with legalization around the corner cannabis stocks are going through the roof, however Canopy Growth, Aphria, and Aurora Cannabis are projected to be the biggest winners of them all.  

VIVO Partners With Loyalist College 

Vivo Cannabis Inc and Loyalist College’s Applied Research Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis partnered together in hopes of optimizing VIVO’s extraction processes, expand and scale development for new products, and contribute to unique and advanced student experiences while preparing students for a career in cannabis. 


Global News 


Cannabis in Space 

Scientists at bio-engineering company Space Tango, specializing in research and development in micro-gravity environments, want to see how cannabis would adapt to a zero-gravity environment at the International Space Station. According to researchers, plants will pull from their genetic reservoir when stressed and produce compounds that can help them survive. In the case of cannabis, the results could produce a more potent and hearty plant.  

Cannabis Prescriptions 

Cannabis oil will be available to chronic pain patients to those in the UK within a month after the rescheduling of cannabis derived medicines. Patients will no longer be forced to try other medications before a cannabis product.   

NZ Synthetic Cannabis Deaths 

Synthetic cannabis deaths are soaring in New Zealand, causing a public emergency with over 1,000 ambulance calls. Because the drugs were outlawed they moved to the black market and were altered to no longer resemble the potency of cannabis.  

US News 

LA’s Black Market Problem 

Los Angeles legal dispensaries are forced to compete with black market businesses that can operate at minimal cost and suffer few consequences from the city. Black market businesses operate without regulation, are untested, don’t pay taxes, and potentially could be full of pesticides or molds.  

WA to Review Candies & Edibles 

The Washington State Liquor Control Board announced that it will be reviewing all edible cannabis products in hopes to cut back on candies and items that would appeal or seem to be directed towards children.  

California Torn on Cannabis 

While some cities seem to embrace the cannabis industry, some cities feel California hasn’t done enough to regulate cannabis. Take a look at both sides of the cannabis valley and what they’re doing to support or oppose the industry.  


Oakland’s Cannabis Business Park 

Oakland’s first cannabis business park is due to break ground on Tuesday at noon. The $40M development is comprised of three buildings that are nearly at occupancy with pre-signed lease agreements for producers, processors, transportation companies, and other cannabis related businesses. 

California’s Cannabis Campus 

Vertical Companies, a California based vertically integrated cannabis company, is building a cannabis campus to help keep up with demand. 


AmeriCann To Open Major Facility in Freetown MA 

AmeriCann announced it’s plans to own and operate a 52 acre cannabis manufacturing and processing facility in Freetown MA. The operation will be open to other producers in need of processing. They also plan to offer professional packaging for beverages, vaporizers, concentrates, flower, and edibles. 

Canada News 

Cannabis Shortage Expected  

A recent study conducted by the C.D. Howe Institute indicates the legal Canadian cannabis supply may only meet 30-60% of demand. Demand is expected to exceed supply for the first six months of legalization while more licensed producers are sanctioned and begin to operate. 

OMA President Retracts Statement Against Cannabis 

The President of Ontario Medical Association Nadia Alam said she misspoke when she called recreational cannabis a gateway drug that can give anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. Alam was reported to have retracted her statement and thanked her colleagues for correcting her. 

First Nations Enter Cannabis 

With Canada’s cannabis legalization right around the corner, First Nations are looking to secure their footing in the market. With five licenses and 14 applications the First Nations hope to participate in the industry as producers, processors, and distributors in order to secure funding for parks, health, and addiction treatment services. Unfortunately, jurisdiction disputes and social fallout may complicate their plans. 


Brazilian Researchers Compare Whole Plant to CBD For Epilepsy 

Brazilian researchers conducted a study focusing on the treatment of epilepsy and compared the cannabis entourage effect and medicinal impacts of whole plant consumption to the effects of CBD isolate in the treatment of epilepsy, concluding that whole plant consumption is more powerful than CBD alone. 

Psych Perspective on Cannabis 

Dr. Angela Bryan from the University of Colorado Boulder discusses how she conducts research on cannabis from a psychological perspective, ranging from the impacts of cannabis on the adolescent mind to how cannabis might improve your gym game. 

Accelerated Aging? Probably Not. 

Recently a controversial study was conducted by Dr. Daniel Amen which stated cannabis accelerated aging in the brain more so than many common psychiatric disorders. Labeled a fraud, Dr. Amen’s history with the medical community is turbulent at best. Advocates for cannabis and objective researchers believe that Dr. Amen’s work was misrepresented.