Canadian Banks Profit From Cannabis Industry, Aurora’s Ready For Legalization, & Cannabis Business Insurance Coming Soon To US

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 26
September 26, 2018

“I am not a product of my circumstance. I am a product of my decisions”
— Stephen Covey

Global Market

The Romance Between Pot Stocks & Canadian Banks

Canadian cannabis regulations are allowing banks to play a vital role in deal making for cannabis companies. Banking institutions are offering to provide banking services, liaison deals, and assist in M&As. Currently Canadian banks are doing some of the largest deals in the cannabis industry due to legalization, which has also attracted many from the US market.

Cannabis Stocks Are Tricky Investments

Portfolio manager Patrick Horan and Michael Kors discuss the difficulties of investing in a rapidly evolving sector such as the cannabis industry.

Regulations Huge Hurdle For IPOs

As pot stocks become more popular venture capital funds and exchange traded funds are expanding to the cannabis industry. The US federal government’s stance on cannabis might be a reason to wait to invest in the industry however.

A blunt reality: The risks to pot stocks from CNBC.

Cannabis Elevated Podcast

Cannabis Elevated is a podcast dedicated to the cannabis industry. Listen to industry leaders discuss extraction, business, and the evolution behind operating a cannabis business in an ever changing landscape.

Aurora’s Supply Ready For Legalization

Aurora Cannabis announced that it is unequivocally ready for Oct. 17. Aurora is ahead of schedule in terms of it’s cannabis supply and says it can serve all provinces and territories. Aurora estimates that by the end of the year they will produce 150,000 kilograms of cannabis annually.

Cronos CEO Optimistic About Global Cannabis Market

An Interview with Cronos CEO Michael Gorenstein tells Bloomberg that he sees the global cannabis market opening up rapidly. Gorenstien discusses the Cronos brand and their plans to produce cannabinoids.

Cannabis Stocks Soar Tuesday

Tilray led cannabis stocks Tuesday after announcing plans to export cannabis to Australia for epileptic children. Canopy received a buy rating and $100 street-high price target from Benchmark, while Aurora also soared after news of tripling their revenues in the fourth quarter.

US News

Insurance Solutions For Cannabis Businesses

Mallory Czuchra of National Cannabis Insurance discusses insurance options and protections for businesses. Check out NCIA’s podcast discussing options and regulations surrounding the industry.

Listen to “Protecting Cannabis Businesses By Providing Comprehensive Insurance Solutions” on Spreaker.

California Testing Issues Unveiled

Recently over 30% of California’s cannabis products failed testing for potency, mold, pesticides, and other precautionary tests. However a majority of the failures simply did not meet packaging standards or failed to have consistent potency levels within a 10% margin of error. Take a look at what experts are saying about the flaws in the testing system.

Why marijuana infused businesses have experienced testing and labeling challenges in California

East Coast Take Over By Up Coming IPO Green Growth Brands

Ohio’s Green Growth Brands, a cannabis firm backed by the Schottenstein, raised $65M as it ramps up to be publicly traded in Canada. Green Growth intends to expand it’s operation to Massachusetts, Florida, and New Jersey.

600 Cannabis Operators Shut Down This Year In Sonoma

According to Sonoma County California, code enforcement shut down over 600 illegal cannabis operators since last year. The efforts to combat illicit producers has been a top priority for concerned citizens. However licensure issues may be partly to blame.

California Delivery Drivers Considered Public Safety Issue

While California finalizes it’s cannabis regulations emergency measures have been implemented to prevent disruption to the industry. One of these measures allows cannabis delivery services to deliver products to anyone with a valid CA driver’s license. However many citizens are uniting against the new regulations, saying delivery companies pose a public safety issue.


Does CBD Actually Do Anything?

The answer is maybe. While there is evidence that CBD relieves anxiety and epileptic symptoms, not enough research has been conducted on the effects of CBD alone. Researchers have difficulties procuring CBD because of it’s schedule one status and limited availability. Explore this article for an in-depth analysis on what CBD is known to actually do and why research is slow going.

Does CBD Really Do Anything?