Aurora Seeking US IPO, Analysts Warn Canna Stocks Overvalued, & Foreign Banking Statements Showing Cannabis Purchases Could Prevent Entry to US

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 21
September 21, 2018

“Every business is a living document, an algorithm that needs to be improved.”
— Billy Beane

Global Market

Aurora Seeking US IPO in October

Aurora Cannabis announced Tuesday that it is seeking a US initial public offering in October. Aurora recently was removed from trading on Robinhood as demand for their stock over extending the company’s resources. Aurora was also rumored to be in talks with Coca Cola regarding CBD infused health beverage.

Analysts Warn Canna Stocks Overvalued

Research analyst at Beacon Securities, Vahan Ajamian goes through some key reasons analysts have been circulating overvaluation rumors in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Stocks Will Rise Before They Fall

According to Forbes’s Panos Mourdoukoutas, cannabis stocks may be heading for a dive, but not before making many investors wealthy. According to the report the mania fueling the bubble hasn’t reached full potential before the inevitable burst. Read Mourdoukoutas’s projections for the near future of the cannabis industry.

Hexo Needs Strategy For Cannabis Industry

According to Khaled Beydoun of Riposte Capital, while many cannabis firms are soaring in the stock markets, Hexo needs to implement strategic options to remain competitive in the cannabis industry.

Hexo needs strategic options to compete in cannabis industry: Activist investor from CNBC.

Namaste’s Strategy For Recreational Cannabis

Namaste Technologies may be late to enter the recreational side of cannabis, but now that regulations and laws are clear the company intends to begin an online platform that will integrate with it’s existing online cannabis accessory store. Namaste’s online pharmacy will offer same day delivery in Toronto and expand to other cities in the future.

US News

US Boarder Officials Could Deny Entry Based on Recent Banking Transactions

United States boarder officials have access to non American financial records from major banks, arming them with the ability to see recent transactions. This is alarming considering the travel ban on cannabis industry workers. There is potential to deny entry based on recent purchases or deposits from certain companies.

Attorney Husch Blackwell on California’s Cannabis Laws & Regulations

Attorney Husch Blackwell delves into California’s laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis industry. Take a look at an interview examining the history, the difficulties those in the industry face, his advice on what operators should do to take advantage of the market growth, and where he hopes the industry will go.

Field Raises $6M for Expansion

Los Angeles based extraction company Field raised $6M for an expansion of sales, product development, and marketing. Field’s financial infusion comes from leading cannabis investors. The expansion includes scaling business in California, expand throughout the US, and build a robust brand.

California Extracts Company Raises $6 Million for Expansion

Pot Stocks More Popular Than Netflix

With Aurora rumored to be entering talks with Coca Cola, and Tilray exporting cannabis capsules to the US, Cannabis stocks are soaring. Cronos, who has grown over 95% in the last six weeks, was more popular than Netflix and Twitter on Robinhood this week. Check out other popular stocks and how they are doing on Robinhood.

California Begins Appellations Process

California begins the appellations process for cannabis producers. Because of the regional differences in California, cannabis grown in certain areas retain certain qualities. Now cannabis producers in these areas might use the geographical origins in their branding, similar to Champagne for wine.

California Begins Process of Creating Cannabis Appellations


The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is thought of as the experience one feels when consuming cannabinoids and strain specific terpene profiles together. This experience is described as the difference between indica and sativa cannabis strains. Connoisseurs are beginning to have terpene profile preferences.

Terpenes and Cannabis: The Entourage Effect

Other News

RAWMEDZ Partners With College of Agriculture Science & Education in Jamaica

Canadian cannabis firm RAWMEDZ partnered with the College of Agriculture Science & Education in Jamaica. The joint venture will cultivate, process, and distribute cannabis based on sustainable principals. Their first expected harvest will be in 2019.