Cannabis An Agro Commodity, South Africa Legalizes, and SOPs Available for CA

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 18
September 18, 2018

“Companies will succeed and fail based on their ability to translate data…into insights and actions and products and services”
— Michael Dell

Global Market

Cannabis: An Agricultural Commodity

Investors are screaming ‘bubble’ at the cannabis industry, but is there a better way than valuation to gauge the market? Cannabis is on it’s way to becoming an agricultural commodity with low profit margins due to saturation in the market. Low margins on cannabis production will cause turbulence to small and medium size companies unable to keep the production costs low. However are these stocks safe to short?

South Africa Legalizes Personal Use Cannabis

The highest court in South Africa legalized the adult use of cannabis in private places and authorized growing for personal consumption. Being in possession of cannabis, using cannabis in public, or selling of cannabis remains illegal.

Consolidation Expected for Many Canna Firms

Small to medium sized cannabis firms may not recognize that they are acquisition targets more than they are likely to evolve into large and industrialized cannabis companies. Consolidation from major investors like tobacco and alcohol are likely to shift the market more than canna firms on their own.

US Governement Allows Tilray to Import Cannabis For Research

Tilray’s month long gain reached 383% Tuesday as they gained 23%. Tuesday’s gain is likely from the news of their recent agreement with the US government to import cannabis for research on a neurological disorder circulated.

What Will Aurora Buy Next?

With Aurora gobbling up every strategic acquisition it gets it’s hands on, who will the company partner with purchase next? Check out five major industries that Aurora may consider in it’s near future.

CannTrust Exports Cannabis Oil to Denmark

Canadian cannabis firm CannTrust made history with it’s first shipment of cannabis oil to STENOCARE in Denmark. CannTrust will be providing cannabis oil to the country’s medical patients as an alternative to cannabis tea.

Cannabis a High Tech Industry

With sensor and data control, apps, and digital displays, the cannabis industry has become a high tech field. Automation is key for the success of any industrial grow operation. Take a look at the technological evolution of the industry and where it’s heading.

US News

InstantGMP Announces SOPs for California Cannabis Regulations

InstantGMP Inc. is offering standard operating procedures for California Cannabis Regulations. The SOP adheres to over 100 policies and regulations set by the state. The affordable document is best combined with a system called InstantGMP DMS.

The Oregon Surplus

Oregon currently has a surplus of cannabis that has flooded the state market costing growers millions. Adam Smith believes the answer lies in exporting cannabis to other states. See how he hopes the laws will evolve in the next five years to make this possible.

Cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease

UC San Diego plans to study Parkinson’s Disease and the impact cannabis has on tremors. Whether this study is the one associated with Tilray is unclear at this time.