Shorting Cannabis Expensive, Coca Cola Eyes Big Canna, & Consolidation is the Name of the Game

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 18
September 18, 2018

“More business is lost every year through neglect than any other cause”
— Rose Kennedy

Global Market

Cannabis Shorts Cost $2.4 Million Per Day

Shorting cannabis stocks is becoming an expensive endeavor. Recent supply agreements, mergers, and major investment are some of the reasons stocks are soaring and expected to climb for the next several months. The $1.5 billion short on cannabis stocks is said to be 200 times more expensive than Amazon shorts and costs roughly $2.4 million per day.

Namaste’s Empire Solidifying

Namaste Technologies stands out among most pot stocks as a once ancillary business, an online cannabis accessory store. With artificial intelligence projects like NamasteMD and, and a projected share price of $7, higher than their current market price at $3.55, Namaste is expected to rise to the top. Take a look for a deeper analysis.

Will the Canna Bubble Pop?

With astronomically high company valuations in the cannabis industry, Keith Speights predicts that the canna bubble will pop in not too distant of a future. Taking a look at the price to sales ratio analysis, Speights predicts destabilization to occur unless companies consolidate, the US legalizes cannabis, or international markets grow to capacity.

May The Best Firm Win

Small to medium cannabis firms in the US and Canadian sectors are looking to consolidate in hopes of gaining solid footing in the volatile cannabis market. Most companies are looking to increase their footprint through M&As. Big Canna is seizing this opportunity, gobbling up as much of the market as possible.

Cannabis: A Consumer Staple

By definition cannabis is a consumer staple with a global estimated worth of over $22 billion by 2022. Stigma is dropping away from the consumer product and a rebranding of cannabis is coinciding with legalization. Because people are unwilling to cut staples out of their lives, it’s expected that greater and more stable returns can be projected.

Coca Cola Monitoring Cannabis Market for Potential Investment

Coca Cola announced that they have been monitoring the cannabis industry for opportunities which could lead to a new product line of CBD infused health drinks. Aurora and Coca Cola declined comment on whether the companies intend to work together at this juncture. Stocks and news outlets surged with the notion.

Stock Comparison: Tilray Vs. Organigram

With Tilray Inc surging forward 350% this last month and Organigram jumped 50% who is the better investment? Check out how these stocks compare against each other.


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