Senate Candidate Discloses Investments in Cannabis

US Senate candidate and former governor, Gary Johnson of New Mexico has disclosed his investment agreements in cannabis company Kush.

Johnson owns over $250,000 of Kush stock, has a profit sharing agreement as an advisor for CB1 Capital, and has received over $100,000 from another company, Cannabis Sativa, where he previously served as CEO. Kush was previously a subsidiary of Cannabis Sativa.

Johnson’s political stance on legalization has not changed in two decades, however it could be said that Johnson is using legalization to leverage his political platform.

Johnson however, is just one of many examples of politics rubbing shoulders with the cannabis industry. John Boehner, former Republican US House Speaker, and former Massachusetts governor William Weld joined the advisory board of Acreage Holdings. The current CEO of Cannabis Sativa is also former Democratic US Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska.

Similar to big business, the intersection between cannabis and politics is becoming more entangled as the US gravitates toward legalization.


Senate Candidate Discloses Canna Investments