Namaste Wants to be Amazon of Cannabis

Namaste Technologies announced it’s prelaunch of, an online marketplace for medical cannabis. The store will allow Namaste to procure and market medical cannabis domestically and internationally.

Namaste is a Vancouver based online retail store for vaporizers and cannabis smoking accessories. Already one of the largest online cannabis accessory retailers, distributing in over 20 countries on 32 ecommerce stores, Namaste announced that it aims to become the Amazon of cannabis.

To beef up their already robust ecommerce site, Namaste is launching, a personalized consultation portal that is tailored to the individual’s experience. Namaste plans to leverage it’s existing 1.5 million person following to gain momentum for Namaste’s platform will allow medical patients to refill their prescriptions online, much like other online pharmacies.

The two sites will work together in order to provide the consumer with the ease of medication management as well as purchasing ancillary cannabis products in the same online store.

Looking to the future, Namaste has indicated that it is probing the South American markets.


Namaste Wants to be the Amazon of Cannabis