Compass Cannabis to Open 200 New Locations in Canada

In a partnership with Colorado based Starbuds, Compass Cannabis Clinic announced that it intends to expand to over 200 new locations throughout Canada. This expansion is projected to take three years.

Compass plans to expand to small municipalities as well as large cities. According to their business model, value is found in communities of all sizes, as the need for medical services is in every township.

Compass clinics are patient focused, providing education, medication, and of course access to physicians and producers.

Compass has announced recent partnerships with Starbuds, Aurora, and Organigram. It also announced a partnership with Emblem, who signed a five year supply agreement and has announced their intentions of investing in Compass.

Expected to open 25 locations in Alberta, eight locations in British Columbia, and a location in Saskatuan in the first year, Compass projects opening 200 locations across Canada in the next three years.

With a solid revenue base from medical, Compass’s retail division is ramping up. Compass is currently accepting investment through private placement but aims to be trading publicly shortly. The CEO Dave Martyn predicts explosive growth for the next five years.


Compass to Open 200 Locations