Auxly Cannabis Doing Great Things!

As with all good stories, you just don’t see them coming. Auxly Cannabis Group is situated nicely as a stable and moderate stock projected to do great things.

Auxly’s shares have begun picking up steam as Canada nears the instantiation of legal cannabis. Auxly has been focusing on key investments and building it’s infrastructure to push out effective capacity as legalization comes online.

The collective business structure prides itself on offering it’s shareholders a return through capital and stream appreciation. Auxly is a cannabis streaming company providing funding for cannabis facility expansions, initial construction, and operations for a percentage of equity and production.

Leveraging their experience and team, Auxly has positioned itself powerfully in the market as a growth firm.

A partnership with Lotus Cannabis helped fund the completion of a 22,500 square foot facility. This boosted Auxly’s stock at the close of last week.

Currently trading at $588.15 million, Auxly has virtually no liabilities and is considered to be operating pre revenue. Investors have said Auxly is well positioned within the industry to grow securely for years to come.


Auxly Cannabis Group Continues to Reach For Piece of Pie