A Look At Organigram

In the last month Organigram has shot up with a 50% gain, which may seem small compared to giants like Canopy or Tilray, but this stock holds a lot of value.

Organigram hasn’t received much attention from the media. But this robust stock has been cranking up it’s production capacity and boasts it will be able to annually produce 113,000 kilograms of product by the end of 2019.

Organigram has also secured supply agreements across several provinces throughout Canada.

While Organigram is primarily focused on Canadian markets, the organization acquired a partnership with Alpha-Cannabis Germany in May. Organigram also partnered with Cannatrek Medical to supply medical marijuana to Australia.

Earlier this year Organigram was estimated to be trading at CA$156 million. While  they may not have the gains that Canopy or Tilray have, their shares are less likely to experience over valuation and are likely to remain more stable.

Compared to the cost of more renowned companies like Tilray and Canopy, Organigram is a value stock trading at a fraction of the price.

Currently the biggest threat to Organigram are major competitors choking out the market. If Organigram joins the NASDAQ it should secure enough footing for the company to pull through the saturated market.

Amended: Originally the article mentioned that the stock was currently not traded on the US stock exchange, however the stock is currently listed and available on the OTC, not the NASDAQ. Organigram has a $710 million market cap and is listed as OGRMF.


Tilray Vs. Organigram



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