Pot Stocks Brace For Impact,CBD to Eclipse Entire Pot Market, & California Seeking Provisional Licensing

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 14
September 14, 2018

“The best way to predict the future is to create it. ”
— Peter Drucker

The Global Market

Pot Stocks Brace for Impact

With the craze surrounding the Canadian marijuana stock market, investors predict a pull back from newcomers who bought in late. While many will see things through, consolidation is expected. Though most major firms have enough equity to gain solid footing in the industry, many small firms are seeking mergers and acquisitions.

House Passes Bill For Medical Cannabis Research Licenses

Thursday the US House approved a bill to require the federal government to include more licenses for medical cannabis research. A single farm in Mississippi has been the sole cannabis source for the government for the last fifty years. The bipartisan bill was passed despite conflicts over prohibition verbiage, which prevents anyone with a criminal drug record from participating in the new research firms.

CBD Projected to Eclipse Other Cannabis Products

If the US Farm Bill passes, it is projected that CBD will out perform all other cannabis products, with an expected global market worth $22 billion by 2022. The US Farm Bill would declassify industrial hemp from a scheduled narcotic and allow states to regulate production, distribution, and research. Aside from a few Canadian companies, investors are waiting for the results of the initiative before investing in US industrial hemp.

High Times Seeking Investors

In rather unconventional avenues, High Times is seeking new investment in hopes of joining the Nasdaq. In an attempt to lure investors, High Times offered to accept bitcoin, but later retracted the statement. In a new email campaign they are asking for credit card investment in exchange for shares. Critics have brought into question the ethics of High Times’ buck shot approach to the market.

Cannabis Research Enters Switzerland

Pure Cannabis Research and Pure Holdings have begun working with other global cannabis pioneers to fund a research facility in Switzerland. Their goals are to genetically create mold and pest resistant strains, map the genome of cannabis, create aroma profiles and genetically alter growth rates, color, and other plant characteristics. This would allow for a more consistent product that is no longer subject to genetic weaknesses.

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Provisional Licensing Could Help the Cannabis Industry & the Government

California is finalizing a bill that would allow cannabis license applicants to acquire a year long provisional license after submitting their final cannabis license paperwork with the state. The provisional license would also allow producers to continue their operations uninterrupted for a year while the state sorts through their backlog of applicants.

Harvest Buys Into California

With more than 40 licenses in eight states, Harvest Enterprises of Arizona is buying into the California market. Through a series of acquisitions, Harvest has purchased three locations in California: Napa, Merced, and Moreno Valley. A vertically integrated company, Harvest offers a plethora of services with a robust staff of over 250 consultants.



Biosynthesis of Cannabis

Organigram recently invested in Hyasynth, a biotechnology company focused on cannabinoid science. This new partnership hopes to bring bioscience into the cannabis industry through proprietary yeast strains which have yielded cannabinoids in lab settings at a fraction of the standard production cost. These products are more stable, pure, and require much less time to synthesize.

Metered Cannabis Dose Spray

Emblem Cannabis Corp. is launching Atmosphere, an oral cannabis spray. Each spray is metered for dose control. Atmosphere was developed using MCT oil to ensure an easy dose delivery system and long term shelf life. Emblem’s 15ml canisters come in four formulations and each administers 150 sprays.

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Other News

The Exit Drug

The opioid epidemic sweeping the nation might be fought with cannabis. According to the Centers for Disease Control non opioid pain relievers were more effective at managing pain in the long term. Marijuana regulates pain centers in the brain, making it a potent option for those looking to manage pain without major side effects. In addition to helping patients manage pain, cannabis can ease withdrawal symptoms for those weaning off opiates.

The War on Facebook

Facebook took a stance against cannabis when it began shadow banning content and pages associated with cannabis. In fact, Facebook went so far as to ban California Bureau of Cannabis Control. At a time when cannabis prohibition seems to be ending, Facebook is standing firm with the federal government. This publication also cannot be posted to Facebook via it’s community standards.