MMJ in Crisis, Aurora Acquisitions, CA Testing Too Strict, & Jimmy Buffet

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 10
September 12, 2018

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”
— Scott Belsky

Global Market

Big Canna Eyes US CBD Markets

Planning to move into the US cannabis industry once CBD is rescheduled, Liberty Health Sciences has been pushing for the legalization of hemp in the US.

Recreational Cannabis Could Cripple Medical

With recreational cannabis legalizing, could this be the end of medical cannabis? With easy access to high quality products, medical patients have essentially escaped the red tape.

Canadian Cannabis Stocks Risky?

With soaring cannabis stocks in Canada, investors are cautioning new investors about the possible over valuation and skyrocketing prices.

Aurora Share Price Struggles

Canadian cannabis stocks are soaring, why isn’t Aurora’s? Possibly because of their numerous expansions and acquisitions. It is clear that Aurora will eventually rake in billions in sale revenues after the integration of their new assets.

Georgia May Export Cannabis

The country of Georgia may lift restrictions on cannabis production export for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, however the selling cannabis in the country would remain illegal.

Aurora Acquires Europe’s Hemp Producer Agropro & Distributor Borela

Through a series of acquisitions, Aurora has now purchased Poland’s hemp producer Agropro and distributor Borela. They plan to cultivate, extract, and create a CBD product line.

Canopy Founder Taking Tech Company Public

Bruce Linton, co founder of Canopy is also a chairmen of Martello, a now publicly traded tech firm focusing on acquisitions.

California News

Cannabis Testing in CA Too Strict

The regulations surrounding cannabis testing are unrealistic at best. With nearly twenty percent of products failing potency and purity, unacceptable levels of pesticides, and packaging issues, critics of the new system feel that the regulations are too strict.

LA Crackdown

In an effort to combat the black market, Los Angeles cracks down on over 100 illegal cannabis businesses and charged over 500 people with misdemeanors.

Bottleneck in Trinity

With Trinity county having more than 200 producer licenses and no distributors thousands of pounds could be excluded from the legal market.


Prenatal Exposure to Cannabis

A recent study concluded that prenatal rats with exposure to cannabis can cause behavioral and neuropathic deficits in male adolescents, however female rats were unaffected.

Other News

Producers Threaten to Sue CCC

With ambiguity in the laws and agreements surrounding cannabis producers and their host towns, producers threaten to sue the CCC in hopes that more clarity and less abuses will come of the agreements.

Roadside Cannabis Testing Reliable?

With legalization looming in Canada, there has been a rush to create an accurate roadside device for the detection of cannabis intoxication. There is a worry that these devices are somewhat inaccurate, however the production company insists these are just rumors.

Jimmy Buffet Enters Big Canna

Jimmy Buffet entered into an agreement with Surterra to create a brand of cannabis products in Southern Florida.

Medical Cannabis Research Act

In an effort to expand medical research, a bill was introduced to the federal government that would call for additional cultivation of cannabis for research from at least three facilities over the current single facility.