Aurora Expansion in South America, Big Canna Investment, & Research in US

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 9
September 11, 2018

“If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large” – Jeff Bezos

Global Market

Aurora Acquires ICC Labs in Another Massive M&A

Aurora is at it again, buying up South American ICC Labs in another massive acquisition, totaling roughly $290 million. With 70 percent of the market shares in Uruguay, Aurora has been expanding in Columbia and Mexico as well.

Aphria Vs. Aurora

Aurora and Aphria have been at the top of cannabis news, but which is best for new investors? Check out how these companies compare not only in stock value, but their positioning in the global climate and their preparedness for the upcoming legalization in Canada.

Thermo Fisher Offering Testing Equipment to Big Canna Companies

In an expansion attempt, Thermo Fisher plans to offer testing equipment and workflow sales to big canna firms looking to establish or scale their labs. The company has also lobbied for stricter regulations on cannabis products

Will Big Tobacco Invest in Big Canna?

Alcohol companies have been the center of attention in canna mergers, but where is big tobacco? Alliance One bought into the cannabis industry this January, but big tobacco has been slow to enter the cannabis markets.

Which Canna Investment is Right?

Cannabis is a hot topic among investors, but who should you invest in? Check out Aphria, CannaRoyalty, and Canopy’s hot stocks for a rundown on your best options in the industry.

Tilray Stock Exploding

With massive investment pouring into Tilray, the stock market explodes once again in favor of cannabis, but should investors be cautious?


Lab Grown Cannabinoids

Cronos Labs intends to culture cannabis DNA rather than cultivating it, harvesting it, and processing it to harvest canabinoids. Not only could this process be more efficient, but would eliminate many environmental complications, and quality assurance would be easier to deliver.

CO2 Foliar Spray A Game Changer

CO2 GRO Inc.’s patented CO2 foliar spray is targeted toward commercial industries looking to improve yields. The company currently targets the retail food industry, but commercial cannabis has also shown interest.

Other News

Metrc is Big Canna’s Seed to Sale Tracking System

With seed to sale tracking becoming mandatory in the cannabis industry, there are dozens of weed tech companies to choose from, Franwell’s Metrc has pulled ahead gaining contracts all over the country.

Breakthru Beverage to Become CannTrust’s Exclusive Distributor

Breakthru Beverage is the next alcohol company to invest in big canna, with $9.2 million buying the distributing rights to CannTrust.

The Customer Relationship With Baby Boomers

With a variety of new products to choose from, baby boomers require a high touch point business model, with a lot of trust, guidance, and loyalty packed into the relationship.

Vermont Discusses New Regulations

Vermont cannabis commission discusses implementing a new taxed and regulated cannabis industry to replace an outdated decriminalization measure.

Cryptocurrency, Cannabis, Nicholas Cage, & Puerto Rico

Since the hurricane Puerto Rico has been hit by a tsunami of economic problems. Governor Ricardo Rosselló is hoping small infusions, like cryptocurrency, movie production, and cannabis will boost their economy.

Congressional Vote For Medical Research

The house plans to vote this week on a bill to increase research into the medical benefits of cannabis. Up until now, hardly any government research has gone into the medicinal benefits of cannabis.