The Cost Of Legalization, Wall Street Breakfast, & Santa Barbara Tax Revenues Fall Short

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 8
September 10, 2018

“Always deliver more than expected.”
— Larry Page

Global Trends

Legalization Might Cost More Than Officals Want To Pay

With legalization in Canada right around the corner, all eyes are on the US, however legalization might come at too high a price for the Fed to pay. Check out two big reasons why legalization might not happen.

Wall Street Breakfast

Stay on top of important market news and changes to the economy. Listen to their morning podcast if you’re on the go!

IPOs Got Your Head Spinning?

There is a better way to track mergers and upcoming IPOs. Check out this new tracker from Cannabis Ventures.


California News

Santa Barbara Tax Revenues May Fall Short

High taxes, a thriving black market, and counties that have outlawed recreational cannabis could impact tax revenues for Santa Barbara.

Other News

Four More States!

State governments are jumping at cannabis. Here are four potential states that may follow suit.

Security Firms See Opportunity In Big Canna

Security companies see growth opportunity in providing services that comply with government regulations to cannabis producers.