Tumbling Markets, Booming Black Markets, & Elon Musk

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 5
September 7, 2018

“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities”
— Edward Gibbon

Global Trends

US Legalization Inevitable?

One NY lawyer certainly thinks so. Read his stance on the impending legalization and why we should invest in the US market.


The Suits Are Coming!

With big investment comes corporate interest. A new global trend is emerging with corporations ruling Big Canna.


Market Wrap Up

Check out the weekly market wrap up detailing stocks Tilray and Telsa.


The War on Drugs Has Been Lost

With global markets opening up for cannabis it has become clear that the war on drugs is over. Canada pioneering the way, others are soon to follow. Check out this latest market synopsis.


Auxly and Delta 9 Enter Supply Agreement

Check out more on this finance and supply agreement below


Tilray Tumbles Thursday

Canadian stocks dropped Thursday, here’s a recap of what happened:


Will Cronos be a Lesson to us All?

With stocks on the rise, the bottom is bound to fall out. Will Cronos be another Icarus story?


Massroots’ Mass Over Valuation

With cannabis investment hot in the market, over valuation is bound to happen. Let Massroots be a lesson to us all.


Stocks Kick Off This Fall, Now With More Cannabis

With legalization coming in the next few weeks, Canada is bracing for impact as stocks are expected to skyrocket through the fall.

Hexo’s Shareholder Urges Sale

Hexo’s second largest shareholder urged the company to consider many options including the sale of the company due to under valuation.


Canada Demand Increased 41%

With a much higher demand than expected, Canada expects cannabis shortages until 2020.


California News

Red Tape In CA Good For Black Market

Some might say the state is aiding and abetting the black market in highway robbery of the cannabis industy. Regulations and legalities have legal recreation struggling to keep up.


Pain in the Development Agreement

Over regulation and the associated fees not only sketchy, but costly for California producers. Check out Part 1 of 3 on demystifying development agreements.


New Heineken Concoction Hits CA

A slow but promising start for Heineken’s new THC, CBD, and Hops concoction branded Hi-Fi Hops.


Canada Based Firm Enters Cathedral City

With a facility larger than eight foot ball fields, Canada’s cannabis firm Sunniva is creating a processing plant in Cathedral City


CA Black Market Hotter Than Ever

With the cost of legalization and the lack of return on investment, not to mention the ever changing bylaws, California’s black market is doing better than ever.


Canndescent Raises $13 Million For Expansion

California based Canndescent raised $13 million for expansion into new states with new product lines, and brands.


Ed Rosenthal’s New Book Reveals His Secrets to Extraction

With the release of his new book Ed reveals his secrets to extraction. Check out his interview here:


Can Getting High Increase your Cortical?

Research suggests that users have higher cortical rates at resting state than non users


Other News

Interstate Transfer Necessary for Oregon

With prohibition ending, Oregon is just one of many states struggling with a need for interstate transfers. Though inevitably this will come to pass, the question is when?


Investors Charged for Defraudment

The SEC charged texas based company for defrauding investors, promising returns on cannabis investment.


Crypto Currency Makes Play For Big Canna Banking

With banking issues on the rise for cannabis producers, Virtual Crypto Technologies wants to bring crypto currency to the industry.


Marlboro Could be the Next Big Investor

Marlboro is said to be considering the cannabis industry, but so far cigarette companies have been reluctant to enter the industry.


Supply Exceeds Demand in Oklahoma

With medical coming online in Oklahoma, also comes the realization that supply may exceed demand.


Czech Republic Introduces Legalization Bill

Put forward by the third most popular party, Czech Republic put forward a bill toward personal legalization.


Elon Smokes the Reefer

Elon Musk and Joe Rogan smoked a joint and discussed many topics, but most notably what it would be like to be a horse.


The Billion Dollar Cash Industry

With federal regulation preventing banking for a majority of cannabis producers, producers a left with millions of dollars in cash and no way to invest it.


Alaska Sets New Record

Alaskan markets are heating up with record revenues from cannabis.