SEC Warnings, The Canna Bubble, & Aphria Leaves US Market

The Morning Blunt

Volume 1| Issue 6
September 8, 2018

“Change before you have to.”
– Jack Welsh

Global Trends

The Canna Bubble

Tilray stock is growing by technicality, could this be reminiscent of the Dot Com bubble of 1998? ;

Risky Business

Are scam artists causing over valuation by encouraging imprudent investments?

Horizon’s Marijuana Life Science’s Index Reaches $1 Billion

The first marijuana exchange-traded fund reached a net worth of over one billion dollars through a combination of booming stocks and investment. ;

Big Canna In Canada Recap

Check out the market recap from Thursday, with Big Canna having mixed results. ;

Race to the Bottom?

Canadian markets are highly over inflated. Big Business is buying up Big Canna. Big Canna could flood the market and choke out small fish. Could this be a race to the bottom?

A Shift to Extracts

Extracts are driving stocks as consumer interest drifts from flower to extracts. ;

The Economics of Extraction

Take a look at some pros and cons of lab types.

Aphria Leaves US Stock Market

Rather than risk running afoul with the federal government, Aphria quietly leaves US market.

California News

The Waterfall Effect & Legalization

Check out this podcast where Lance Rogers discusses the murky and impending regulatory changes coming to California

Evolving Economy

With vaping up 19%, recent market trends suggest that the average consumer of cannabis is wealthier and better educated than the stoner stereotypes, thus they want high end products and innovative ancillary products.

Invite Only

Check out this invite only event on September 13th in Oakland. Rub shoulders at this event that focuses on how to understand market trends.

Cannabis Industry Networking Opportunity in Oakland on September 13th


Cannabis Increases Cortical

Research suggests cannabis increases cortical in the brain, impairing cognition.

It’s All in Your Mind

Researchers have found that THC aids in reducing pain by reducing connectivity between the centers of your brain that process pain.

CEO of Gingko Talks Science

Check out this short video about the science behind Cronos extracts.

Other News

This Week In Review

Oregon license caps, Oklahoma doctors told not to prescribe MMJ, New Jersey granted 6 MMJ licenses

The Importance of Branding in the Cannabis Industry

As the industry shifts toward recreational consumption, solid branding is key to getting a foothold in the ever changing market.

New Mexico Taking a Step Toward Legal Hemp Cultivation

The state Department of Agriculture has shown an interest in hemp cultivation and is pushing for legislation that would allow the production and processing of hemp.

New Mexico Moves Closer To Allowing Hemp Cultivation

Public Reform Inevitable

With growing understanding and popularity, cannabis has become widely accepted. Law reform is certain to follow.

CCIG Offering Producers Tailored Insurance

 Now Colorado producers can purchase crop, business, and agriculture insurance through CCIG.

MedMen Teams Up With Canadian Investors in Florida Takeover

With $57 million in hand, MedMen and Altria are buying up prime retail locations throughout Florida.

Review of Zeus Arc Cannabis Vaporizer

Check out the latest in vaporizer technology

Cannabis Producers Lifetime Boarder Ban?

Canadian producers are being turned away at the US boarder with lifetime banishment due to living off the profits of the drug trade.